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about rainmeter..
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TOPIC: about rainmeter..

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about rainmeter.. 7 Years, 8 Months ago  
I'm sorry for writing about rainmeter in this forum but I didn't find any other place. Thank you for reading.


I'm a litestep user in Korea.
Recently I was modifying a LS theme.
At the first time, I included rainmeter-0.9 and the ini settings from other theme.
It was loaded well but due to some limitations I tried to update it to rainmeter-0.14.
After I updated rainmeter 0.9 to 0.14, I get an error messege like that

"The selectied config
(Lmeter\C:\LiteStep\themes\COLOC+BAR\config\rainmeter_skins\meter\meter.ini) cannot be found.)"

All the path is correct but "Lmeter\" in the first part is not normal. The changed line is only the following.

*NetLoadModule rainmeter-0.9 load rainmeter.dll
*NetLoadModule rainmeter-0.14-32bit load rainmeter.dll

When I restored rainmeter to 0.9 without touching any kind of config files, module was loaded well again.

I tested it for the other theme using rainmeter-0.9 and got the same symptom.

Rainmeter 0.9 - loaded well
Rainmeter 0.10 - Error Message #1
Rainmeter 0.11 - Error Message #2
Rainmeter 0.12 - Error Message #2
Rainmeter 0.14-32bit - Error Message #3

Error Message #1
"Error: Exception during module initialization"
Error Message #2
meter\....correct path for INI.....
Error Message #3
Lmeter\....correct path for INI.....

summary : updating rainmeter 0.9 with previous setting casue path problem. (Lmeter\ or meter\)

To fix this problem, what can I do?
I need your advice. I want to provide log file of LS but I couldn't find the way how to enable log in LS.

My OS is XP sp2 32bit.

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Re:about rainmeter.. 7 Years, 8 Months ago  
It might be quite tricky to get the 0.14 to run as a LS plugin. Unfortunately I don't remember anymore what is needed (or if it's even possible) as it's been years since I tried Litestep the last time. I actually don't even run Windows anymore so I cannot even try it myself (not that I would have time for it). So, it's probably better to keep using the 0.9 if you want to run Rainmeter as part of LS and not as a separate application.
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