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Replace EVENTS
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Re:Replace EVENTS 10 Years, 7 Months ago  
There is no English translation. You have to create such yourself. You can download the .pot file from the language page and use poEdit to "translate" the strings you want and create the .mo file from it. Then create e.g. "en_US" folder to Rainlendar's locale folder and copy the rainlendar2.mo file to there.
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Re:Replace EVENTS 10 Years, 3 Months ago  
It seems that local language can be installed, one of two ways:

Since Rainlendar only needs the MO file in ..."\locale\da_DK\",
one could install the Danish language file, like this:
Create the folder "\da_DK\" and copy or move the MO file.
Double click the "Danish.r2lang" file, Rainlendar would install Danish language, e.g. it create the folder "\da_DK\" with
the two files: "rainlendar2.mo", and "rainlendar2.po"

Change Language, e.x:
Open Rainlendar, right click the photo horse, and say: Options, General, Language: Danish

If you double click the not needed PO file, it would open in poEdit (if thats installed).
After I downloaded poEdit, I modified a very bad translation (the headings "Event List", and
"Todo List"), like this:

Double click the PO file "locale\da_DK\rainlendar2.po" (to open in poEdit). Press Ctrl+F, String to find: Event list, Click Next. When that item was found,
I simply substituted the bad translated words with my new words (left bottom window).
Repeated the Ctrl+F key press, and said: String to find: Todo List,...
(the words "Todo List" was substituted twice).

Close poEdit (Catalog modified. Do you want to save changes?)

Open Rainlendar and saw that both the "Event List" and "Todo List" was now
better translated , but this time I didn't deleted the PO file, ofcause.

In other words, if the PO file is modified, Rainlendar would
modify (create a new) binary MO file.

I would be a very bad idea to just re-translate a language file.
I only substituted the two headings, one "Event List", and two times substituted the
heading "Todo List".
I could now ZIP my new MO and PO file, and rename that
ZIP file to "New_Danish.r2lang".


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