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Updated and revised Spanish translation
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TOPIC: Updated and revised Spanish translation
Updated and revised Spanish translation 6 Years, 5 Months ago  

I started testing Rainlendar a couple of days ago and was strongly impressed by its features and flexibility. However, I found several errors and a couple of untranslated strings in the GUI; so, being a professional translator and localiser, I couldn't help but going ahead and updating the Spanish file with the most recent POT. I have just uploaded the updated and fully revised file. These are some of the issues fixed:

- Wrong/Non-standard use of initial capitals
- Mixed formal/informal addressing (I chose formal)
- American Spanish expressions (I tried to be as "international" as possible)
- A few mistranslations
- Lots of ortho-typographic errors
- Truncation of some strings in the GUI (not fully tested, I basically shortened what was easily shorten-able)
- Odd Spanish phrasing
- Unnecessary translator comments in PO file, sometimes too much personal

I know that many people have generously committed their efforts to this translation and I intend no criticism at all, but just tried to contribute with the best I can do.

Hopefully this helps giving Rainlendar, great as it is now, an even more professional feel.

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Re:Updated and revised Spanish translation 6 Years, 5 Months ago  
Welcome to the forum, Maira.

When I start using Rainlendar the last translation was by JacKDuRdEn_ on 2009-09-24. Then, I "take the job" and continue it with my not-so-well translations (2010-07-14, 10 months later). I'm just really an amateur. I tried to continue with the work, until Luis Vicent send his opinions. I'm not a official or expert translator, I'm just doing my best job. Luis was trying to correct "common mistakes" of translations (such as "ícono/icono" or "clima/tiempo"). Allright, I coudn't find a better translation for "snooze"... every clock I have had this word and I never see it translated.

- formal/informal... yes, you're completely right. But think that this file had many hands on it.
- The comments were personal, but I talk that with the owner of that comments and his idea was to keep what he thinks are the best translation.

Some tips of my own:
* Do you think that overwrites is better translated as "prevalecer" instead of "sobreescribir"? The visual category icon goes over the category icon, they aren't parallel things.
* I tried to keep "ítem" because (I see now, some time ago), there were some strings that had both, item and element, with different meanings.
* I'd wrote "failed" as "falló" and "choose" as "elegir", but Luis changed it to "ha fallado" and "escoger". Different people, different opinions, different Spanish. Who has the truth? As I said to Luis, I'm from Argentina, but the es-AR was completely obsolete. Besides, I prefer the es-ES localization of Firefox instead of the es-AR (sorry for my fellow countrymen).
* In my Windows version, "Task Manager" is translated as "Administrador de Tareas", so, why should I think of it as "Organizador"? Also, manager could be translated as "representante" in some jobs... but I don't think that this could be better
* "Gibosa creciente" or "Gibosa menguante" are valid lunar phases. (es.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fase_lunar). The problem is translate "Waxing crescent" (answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20070319093546AAQ6pG9)
* The lunar phases are different from where they're seen. Why not "fases vistas desde el hemisferio austral" instead of "fases del hemisferio austral"? (originally, there only exists the northern view, my contribution: www.rainlendar.net/cms/index.php?option=com_kunena&Itemid=42&func=view&catid=8&id=12695)

I'm only a fan of Rainlendar... searching for someone to pass the baton (thanks WordReference for this phrase)

PS: You translate "Defines the timezone." as "Definela zona horaria."... you forgot the space... c'mon... pobody nerfect!!!
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