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Persisting time-zone problems
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TOPIC: Persisting time-zone problems
Persisting time-zone problems 3 Years, 1 Month ago  
There still seem to be some problems with implementing the time zone option for Google calendars:

1) When I set the time zone to "local" (my time zone is GMT -5), event times are fine. When I set my time zone to "New York", all non-recurring events are moved up five hours.
There might be some logic in moving them back five hours, but not moving them forward, which puts them on GMT rather than GMT -5.
Also, "local" (which, I presume is my system time) and "New York" should be exactly the same, should they not?

2) Recurring events are not affected (i.e., remain at the same time whether "local" or "New York".

3) Whenever I insert a new task or event in b141, irrespective of the chosen time zone and/or the time I insert the new task/event, the default start time is always 23:30.

4) My Apple reminders calendar gives me an error unless the time zone is set to "local". Otherwise, I cannot insert, modify or delete tasks.

5) Rainlendar connects to my Google calendars, which in turn connect to my Apple calendars. My Apple calendars continue to see everything as set according to GMT. Is there a solution to this?

6) Slightly off the subject, but related: I have thought of moving everything from Google to Apple (it might make life easier), but I find it impossible to copy all events in my calendars—any calendar actually, large or small—from Google to Apple using Rainlendar. Not sure if there is solution and, if there is, whether this could resolve some of the time zone-related problems.

Thanks in advance,

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Re: Persisting time-zone problems 3 Years, 1 Month ago  
1) It seems that Google doesn't return any time zone information for the single events which causes Rainlendar to ignore the time zone conversion completely and the times remain as UTC. I should be able to fix this in Rainlendar.

2) Google does send the time zone information for the recurring events. Weird.

3) That's a bug in b141.

4) I would need the Rainlendar's debug log to know what exactly happens. If you create the log please disable all your other calendars so that the log contains only the calendar which shows the error.

5) How are the events shown in Google? If you create a new event in Google's website is it also shown in GMT in Apple? (And by "Apple" do you mean the iCloud calendar or the desktop iCal application or something else?)

6) Are you trying to copy the events from Google Calendar to iCloud which is connected through the CalDAV? What exactly happens when you try to copy the events? Do you get some error? A debug log for this would be useful too...
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Re: Persisting time-zone problems 3 Years, 1 Month ago  
Apologies for only replying now, but I have been doing some testing with Rainlendar to see how to resolve the problems I mentioned.

With regard to the points in my post and your reply:

1) I'm not surprised that Google doesn't return any time zone information for single events. As you know better than I do, all Google applications are extremely idiosyncratic. This has led me to try and ditch Google for something more easily standardised (more on this below).

2) I can guarantee that the recurring events were not affected. That just confirms my point about Google's oddities.

3) Fair enough. I can live with it

4) Apple also has its share of oddities. For example, I have discovered that I cannot sync an event in Rainlendar with iCloud if the event has a category defined. In the best of cases, the category is eliminated; if not, the entire event is deleted. (This is even worse than Google, which won't show the category; but will at least leave it in Rainlendar.) So, I have eliminated synching with the iCloud calendar: if I can't keep event categories in Rainlendar, there doesn't seem to be much point in using it!

5) If I create a new event on the Google calendar website, the correct time zone is shown in iCloud calendars. Otherwise the correct time is apparently shown, but opening the event in iCal (or any other Apple calendar app) shows that it was saved as GMT.

6) As you have probably realised by now, I have given up on both Apple and Google. Once I figured out that the problem was probably less Rainlendar's, than Apple and Google's particular (and diametrically opposed) calendar "logic", I began to make some progress.

After a bit of searching, I found Fruux, which is exactly what a calendar sync app should be. It works perfectly with Rainlendar, and syncs my Rainlendar calendars without error or oddities to everything else. I highly recommend it, even though I had never heard of it before yesterday morning!

I have thus gotten rid of both the Apple and Google calendars (and contacts, as well), and—not by chance, I'm sure!—Rainlendar is working exactly as it should be, time zones and all.

Though I am happy to have found a solution that works for me, I am surprised that no-one else seems to be having time-zone (or other) problems with either Apple or Google. I would have thought that I run a very uncomplicated calendar set-up! Or maybe I'm just more of a perfectionist than most people…

In any case, as always, thank you for your help.

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