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TOPIC: Categories
Categories 7 Years, 9 Months ago  
D-Day is doubtlessly big history (imagine me as a German shrinking by a couple of inches face to all of you out there, my ancesters having caused that mess), but for all-day use some things may be a bit more important:

Rainlendar comes up with some categories, some of them useful, some worth discussing (e.g. "Gifts"), hardly anyone of them identical to my (individual) Outlook configuration. Therefore it seems recommendable to administrate the categories (which is partially already the case as to creation and deletion), and to manage their icons, colours, and behaviour.

Using the German language pack my English category names my be wrong - but comprehensible, I hope:

"Medical" (wrong? then see above) is available but my Outlook category is "Health" (in German). Rainlendar doesn't know this category name, and has no symbol for it. So a heart is displayed. But do I love my dentist?

It would be very useful to associate respective symbols with the categories by one's own, even better to mark the respective text in a corresponding colour, additionally. This might mean:

"Health" could be decorated by a Red Cross or a sirynge, whatsoever, it's text may be red. A holiday may have an aeroplane symbol, yellow text indicates "anything but work".

There is already a collection of icons I found during my personal use, e.g. a dollar sign decorated money sack für business purpose. Why not make this collection editable? Along with category names, and their text colours, of course. Even background colours? The programmer is the one to decide - and to act if he wants. I'd be grateful.

For years I was using Reminder, a small calendar application with tremendous features. It's only disadvantage was that it couldn't be synchronized with Outlook. But this is a "conditio sine qua non" as all cell phones, PDAs etc. correspond with Outlook. We just can't escape it. Rainlendar closes this gap, so Reminder is in my waste bin, now. But I still weep for some features it had. Most of them are covered by Rainlendar, but one was unique: Icons could be created by the user's own, and imported to the application.

D-Day deserves it's place in history, and our memory, especially in mine as a German. But categories are our daily life.
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Re: Categories 7 Years, 9 Months ago  
Possibility to customize the categories gets requested quite much so this is definitely something I'll consider adding in the future versions of Rainlendar.
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