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"Event x days before/after" and similars
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TOPIC: "Event x days before/after" and similars
"Event x days before/after" and similars 7 Years, 3 Months ago  
Today i was reading the iCalendar (proposed?) standard because (possibles) changes in my country calendar. One of them is add the Lent (Cuaresma, quadragesima) days as holiday. Someone in this forum talk about a week holiday in the 42nd week of the year.

Searching in the IETF RFCs i found: RFC 2445 (iCalendar), RFC 5545 (iCalendar) and RFC 5546 (iTIP). I'm sure you know this 3.

The item 3.2.15. Relationship Type, says:
To specify the type of hierarchical relationship associated with the calendar component specified by the property.
This property is intended only to provide information on the relationship of calendar components. It is up to the target calendar system to maintain any property implications of this relationship.

The item Non-Standard Properties says:
Property Name: Any property name with a "X-" prefix

I know that there are not 2 equals iCal applications, but i thought that it would be a good thing to add something different in Rainlendar. eg:
RELATED-TO PARENT:{this-is-an-example-of-Easter-date-UID}



I know all the effort you do to maintain your app, and i don't know if this is possible, even maybe this only will work in Rainlendar... but the Rainlendar users will be grateful.
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Re: "Event x days before/after" and similars 7 Years, 3 Months ago  
I'm not sure if the relative events are supported by the iCalendar standard but at least the weekly recurring events are. And as you mentioned the custom properties could always be used to extend the standard.

However, there are several problems with these kind of features. The part of the code which calculates the days where the events are located is already quite complex (and waiting for a total rewrite) and adding new functionality to it will make it harder to maintain (and most likely introduce really obscure bugs). I also would have to handle the 3rd party calendars (e.g. Google and RTM) somehow since they most likely don't support this kind of features. And especially in the relative event's case implementing an user interface for it wouldn't be a trivial task.

So, even if this probably would be technically interesting feature to implement it most likely would require too much work to be worthwhile.
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