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Create embedded Phone/Address book
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TOPIC: Create embedded Phone/Address book

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Create embedded Phone/Address book 10 Years, 8 Months ago  
Creating a Phone/Address book window and Manager page would really help by not having to put them in the "ToDo" and "Event" lists. If there is no "ToDo" or "Event" entry then I would simply find it in the Phone/Address book. Making a separate file for the Phone/Address book would make it easy to backup.

Placing a button that links a specific Phone/Address book entry with a specific "ToDo" item or "Event" would really help as well.

For instance, I need to call my doctor for an appointment so I create an Event for that appointment as i.e., "Medical Exam" and then have a button that opens an editable window containing the Display Name, First Name, Last Name, Organization, Address, City, State/Province, Zip Code, Country and Phone (maybe Cell, Home and Office Phone numbers but that would require indicating which one to display. Maybe a checkbox before each would signify which one). It would include Fax Numbers, and Notes, as well. I could also open a new Phone/Address book window (or the Manager) to list all the Entries like the ToDo list that allows me to click on an entry for editing. Adding new entries would be done by right-clicking the system tray icon or in the Manger or clicking button on the individual ToDo or Event window.

Displaying the Display Name & Display Phone Number (non-editable) right beside an "Edit Phone/Address book Entry" button or as the text on the button (a button to be nearly the width of the window to allow for enough room) and in the displayed item in the "ToDo" and/or "Event" list (as if I had typed it in the Summary) would eliminate opening the Phone/Address book most of the time and shorten many of my entries. Ex.:

--> Summary: [___Medical Exam___] <--

When a Name & Phone Number has been added would display (everywhere) as:

--> Medical Exam: Dr. Marcus Welby, MD (555) 555-5555 <--

A Country Code and the "x" for "Extension" would only be displayed if entered.

--> Medical Exam: Dr. Marcus Welby, MD [55] (555) 555-5555, x55555 <--

"[" & "]" instead of "(" & ")" for emphasis that it is a Country Code not an Area Code.

The edit entry display for the phone and fax numbers would be:

--> Country Code: [ [___] ] <-- (input box length limit 3?),
--> Area Code: ( [___] ) <-- (input box length limit 3),
--> Phone Number: [___]-[____] <-- (input boxes length limit 3 & 4),
--> Ext.: [_____] <-- (input box length limit 6?).

The "(", ")", "-" and "x" would be automatically added later by Rainlender for consistency in display and eliminating having to type it in for every entry.

This would really simplify my life (but be a complicated headache for you until you finished building it).

Thanks Rainy!!! <br><br>Post edited by: JWvanLohuizen, at: 2007/06/06 09:33
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Re:Create embedded Phone/Address book 10 Years, 8 Months ago  
It's a good idea but it's not exactly a core calendaring feature especially since you cannot e.g. send the events via mail to the contacts (or well, you could if it would be implemented to Rainlendar but that would require a lot of work). Anyway, I can think about it but the feature probably won't have a high priority.
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