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Icons Rainlendar Color by Tronix Mon, 10 Jul 2017

Description: It is enough to replace the file " rainlendar.dll " in the directory rainlendar and to choose the color of its choice.

Indian wedding clothes for marriage by companymh Wed, 01 Jun 2016

Description: Indian wedding clothes for marriage Clothing culture In India, the wedding rituals and clothes make the wedding as much as that of the bride and her groom. Both look their splendid best in gorgeous clothes. Not just the couple, but the guests attending the family and the relatives are often seen dressed up to the teeth. The bride is dressed up in auspicious colors, whereas the bridegroom is dressed to exude a regal aura. The bridesmaids and best men are often dressed on a par with the bride and the groom. But they are toned down a bit because the day belongs to the couple. All the folks attending the marriage are decked out with gold jewelry including the bride and sometimes the groom. The ladies are additionally adorned with henna patterns all over their palms, hands, forearms, legs and feet. Sometimes henna patterns are replaced with alta designs which are short lived and easily removable. Indian weddings generally tend to continue for several days and new attire is worn each day. All these dresses and the color symbolize the meaning of marriage and the period that follows it. Indian wedding is one that gives more importance to details like different rituals and the various attires one wears to attend them. Hindu wedding Indian Hindu weddings continue for several days. India is a country that defines diversity and this is visible even in the wedding and its different styles. The ceremonies, the rituals, the formalities are all different between each region and culture. Unlike the Christians, Hindus wedding ceremony does not resemble the western marriages and are quite elaborate. In the North,Starting from the Tilak ceremony, each function has significance in the marriage. Tilak, Sangeet, Haldi, Baraat and the Shaadi, all necessitate the Bride and the bridegroom to wear new attire at each occasion.All these above ceremonies are known by different names in the other parts,e.g.:Simant puja in the west,or Mangalasnanam in the south and so on.But have got the same significance all over. In India they wear significant things including saris which is a really long piece of cloth. Community like Telugu Matrimony, Nadar Matrimony, Iyer Matrimony, Brahmin Matrimony, Iyengar Matrimony, Pillai Matrimony, Mudaliar Matrimony, Reddy Matrimony prefer the below clothing style. Bridegroom's clothes Many communities of South, West, and Eastern India still adhere to the traditional costumes, i.e. Dhoti, or sometimes Lungi, and Mundu by some communities of the South. Kurta or a shirt may be worn or sometimes just a Angavastram may be used to cover the chest. On the other hand, in the Northern parts, the bridegroom usually wears a Sherwani,Jodhpuri suit, or a western suit. The groom’s face is covered with a veiled with a curtain of flowers which is called Sehra in the North, which is not the custom elsewhere. It is also customary to wear a Taqiyah all through the ceremony in Muslim marriages. Many prefer to wear a Kurta. A Kurta can be worn with Salwar, or Dhoti. A dazzling series of ensemble for bridegrooms include majestic sherwani, blended Indo-western suit and ethnic Jodhpuri suit. The exquisite shirts, coats, and jackets are designed with extra care and touch to bring out the magnanimity out of the bridegroom on the marriage day. Precious embellishments are studded into the collars and the cuffs of the bridegroom’s dress. Available both in simple cottons and splendid, royal raw silk, these Kurta Pyjamas are preferred mostly by the bridegrooms. Bride's clothes The bride wears a saree or a lehenga according to the region. Red is considered to be the most auspicious color in among Hindus. While the saree is preferred as the bridal dress in South India, West, East India, most brides of other parts of India prefer Lehenga, Gagra Choli and Odni as bridal dress. Christian wedding Christian marriage in India is mostly an adaption of western wedding ceremonies. Here the bridegroom wears a western suit or tuxedo. The Bride usually opts for a silk saree or a western gown. Matrimonial website - http://www.matriharmony.com/

Exceed v2 (One of the best) by Rexe Thu, 04 Jun 2015

Description: I've been using thise skin for years and It's one of me absolute favorites. Can't remember where I got it from but here are the download files. ================================== Like and comment if you use it or mod it. By. Rexe

TWweather by jhg5702 Sat, 07 Feb 2015

Description: Ver:2017-08-31 這是 Rainlendar2 的套件面板,專為台灣的使用者開發的;此面板原包含於另一個作品包(LunarCal)內,為因應網友需求,特獨立發表,方便單獨下載。此面板包含五個視窗:TWweather_city(台灣城市天氣),TWweather_full(台灣全國天氣),TWweather_cloudmap(台灣衛星雲圖),Taiwan_PSI(台灣城市空氣品質),TW_City_PSI(台灣城市天氣 & 空氣品質)。

SYGA Black by SYGA Thu, 11 Sep 2014

Description: r2skin Support all languages Enjoy ! Chrome version here -> http://customize.org/rainlendar/skins/65673562

SYGA by SYGA Wed, 10 Sep 2014

Description: r2skin Support all languages Enjoy !

Shadow4Wplus by Lieuallen Tue, 04 Jun 2013

Description: A shameless combination of Shadow4, Yahoo5Weather, Shadow4Widgets and my own analog clock. Edited to have a consistent (translucent) background and width. Updated Dec. 20, 2015 (new weather engine).

Voice Chime by jhg5702 Sun, 02 Dec 2012

Description: (Last update: 2016-08-25) If you download this file, please leave a message to tell me: Is working properly on non-winxp system? e.g. os:win xp work normal. Thanks you!! Change: 2016-08-25 Add a control item on main-menu. 2016-07-27 Fixed lua53.dll issue. 2013-06-26 Add Analog Clock, Add toggle voice on/off (2016-08-25 modified: Hotkey "Win + Alt + V"), Fixed some errors. 2012-12-11 Fixed - no speak "A.M.", if the time is "00:00 a.m." 2012-12-06 Re-encoding, in order to support non-Windows systems; Added Spanish. 2012-12-03 Initialized under WinXP; Support Chinese & American. This is a Voice Chime. It will reported time, at each 30 minutes. Use way: unzip voicechime.zip file >> copy "_chime.lua" file and "chimedll" folder into Rainlendar's scripts folder (eg. C:\Program Files\Rainlendar2\scripts\) >> refresh Rainlendar. The VoiceClock.r2skin file is optional for install. It will reported time, when every time you press the "Speak Now" button.

NumberPuzzle by jhg5702 Sun, 23 Sep 2012

Description: 這個面板只是一個小遊戲, 純娛樂, 希望大家喜歡. (This skin is just a small game, purely for fun. Hope you enjoy.)

Yahoo5Weather by jhg5702 Thu, 13 Sep 2012

Description: (Last version: 2016-04-21) It's a Yahoo-Weather skin, it can forecast 5 days, so I named it as "Yahoo5Weather". Use this skin, you can use City-Name, US ZIP-Code (zip:25714), Woeid-code (woeid:2306181), or weather-code (wc:TWXX0019) for the weather location. enjoy! Histories: (2016-04-21) Fixed: WOEID fail issue. (2015-12-20) Change data source (3rd). (2015-04-11) Change Location_Search_Engine (3rd). (2015-03-26) Add scale variable. (2014-12-11) Change Location_Search_Engine (2nd). (2014-11-29) Since the 5-days forecast's source direct use JS-script, change to Weather_Channel as source, and which support more location. (2014-10-05) Fixed: Only one temperature issue, Disable text formatting. (2014-01-08) Change Location_Search_Engine (1st), now support fuzzy search; change data source back to original. (2013-05-29) Since the original data source is no longer provides five-days forecast (a few days later, it provides again), so change the data source, and modify some code; Add support "woeid". (2013-04-04) If city-name contains space will cause something wrong, Fixed. (2012-09-13) Initial version.

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The skin gallery is provided by Customize.org