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Rainlendar Skins
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Exceed v2 (One of the best) by Rexe Thu, 04 Jun 2015

Description: I've been using thise skin for years and It's one of me absolute favorites. Can't remember where I got it from but here are the download files. ================================== Like and comment if you use it or mod it. By. Rexe

TWweather by jhg5702 Sat, 07 Feb 2015

Description: 這是 Rainlendar2 的套件面板,專為台灣的使用者開發的;此面板原包含於另一個作品包(LunarCal)內,為因應網友需求,特獨立發表,方便單獨下載。此面板包含五個視窗:TWweather_city(台灣城市天氣),TWweather_full(台灣全國天氣),TWweather_cloudmap(台灣衛星雲圖),Taiwan_PSI(台灣城市空氣品質),TW_City_PSI(台灣城市天氣 & 空氣品質)。

SYGA Black by SYGA Thu, 11 Sep 2014

Description: r2skin Support all languages Enjoy ! Chrome version here ->

SYGA by SYGA Wed, 10 Sep 2014

Description: r2skin Support all languages Enjoy !

Zero Fifteen by moshi Tue, 29 Jul 2014

Description: based on the Rosendahl Picto watch

Zero Eight by moshi Sat, 30 Nov 2013

Description: just a quick and dirty attempt at looking into Rainlendar skinning again. based on the EleeNo Eye Test original design by Kimura

Shadow4Wplus by Lieuallen Tue, 04 Jun 2013

Description: A shameless combination of Shadow4, Yahoo5Weather, Shadow4Widgets and my own analog clock. Edited to have a consistent (translucent) background and width.

Voice Chime by jhg5702 Sun, 02 Dec 2012

Description: (Last update: 2013-08-27) If you download this file, please leave a message to tell me: Is working properly on non-winxp system? e.g. os:win xp work normal. Thanks you!! Change: 2013-06-26 Add Analog Clock, Add toggle voice on/off (Default Hotkey "Win + V"), Fixed some errors. 2012-12-11 Fixed - no speak "A.M.", if the time is "00:00 a.m." 2012-12-06 Re-encoding, in order to support non-Windows systems; Added Spanish. 2012-12-03 Initialized under WinXP; Support Chinese & American. This is a Voice Chime. It will reported time, at each 30 minutes. Use way: unzip file >> copy "_chime.lua" file and "chimedll" folder into Rainlendar's scripts folder (eg. C:\Program Files\Rainlendar2\scripts\) >> refresh Rainlendar. The VoiceClock.r2skin file is optional for install. It will reported time, when every time you press the "Speak Now" button.

NumberPuzzle by jhg5702 Sun, 23 Sep 2012

Description: 這個面板只是一個小遊戲, 純娛樂, 希望大家喜歡. (This skin is just a small game, purely for fun. Hope you enjoy.)

Yahoo5Weather by jhg5702 Thu, 13 Sep 2012

Description: (Last version: 2015-04-11) It's a Yahoo-Weather skin, it can forecast 5 days, so I named it as "Yahoo5Weather". Use this skin, you can use City-Name, US ZIP-Code (zip:25714), Woeid-code (woeid:2306181), or weather-code (wc:TWXX0019) for the weather location. enjoy! Histories: (2015-04-11) Change Location_Search_Engine (3rd). (2015-03-26) Add scale variable. (2014-12-11) Change Location_Search_Engine (2nd). (2014-11-29) Since the 5-days forecast's source direct use JS-script, change to Weather_Channel as source, and which support more location. (2014-10-05) Fixed: Only one temperature issue, Disable text formatting. (2014-01-08) Change Location_Search_Engine (1st), now support fuzzy search; change data source back to original. (2013-05-29) Since the original data source is no longer provides five-days forecast (a few days later, it provides again), so change the data source, and modify some code; Add support "woeid". (2013-04-04) If city-name contains space will cause something wrong, Fixed. (2012-09-13) Initial version.

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The skin gallery is provided by