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Rainlendar Skins
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MushroomMagnets by rkgttr Sun, 22 Aug 2004

Description: A simple and funky skin, with one magnet per month

SimpleNote by rkgttr Sun, 22 Aug 2004

Description: Simple and minimal skin

ParabolaRL by cosci29 Fri, 20 Aug 2004

Description: Extending my Parabola theme to Rainlendar. If you have my Parabola skin for Rainmeter, then you have the needed font. If not, hey, why not rush on over to the Rainmeter section and download it today! Included in the screenshot is a preview of my weather skin, for Rainmeter (aka, Parabola_Weather). If you find any 'bugs' that Ive overlooked, please let me know. Hope you like it!

Xeril by FrostedFlames Tue, 17 Aug 2004

Description: This is my first rainlendar skin. I thought I'd try to expand my skills and move to a different app. Made to match the other Xeril skins.

Control|Rainlendar by massa Sun, 15 Aug 2004

Description: Control-Style Calendar :D VisionLeague™

Grunge by testing 1 2 3 Tue, 10 Aug 2004

Description: Inspiration provided by Visionleague: Yep. I skinned only what I use in Rainlendar. I am not responsible for any eyes I harm with this skin. Install the included fonts for proper usage.

OLEndar by adni18 Fri, 30 Jul 2004

Description: A tiny calendar for your desktop

Etheren|Rainlendar by split Wed, 28 Jul 2004

Description: Skin Name: Etheren Author: Sp|it Just a simple skin to match my Etheren Suite. All graphics © Andrew Littleton and VisionLeague™ Productions.

Rainy Craft by Ramsi Mon, 26 Jul 2004

Description: A Warcraft skin to follow the one for ICQ. Used some transparency here. Don't be shocked if you look at the file names - that's the orcish writing style :-)

DominantNegativeRL by mrbiotech Sat, 17 Jul 2004

Description: Made to complement the forthcoming DominantNegative theme for AstonShell. Calendar, MessageBox, and To-Do list all skinned, with indicators for the current day and events (as is to be expected). Other members of the mini-suite: Sysmetrix: RainMeter:

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The skin gallery is provided by