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GAIA08 Rainlendar by reb70 Thu, 02 Oct 2008

Description: GAIA08 Rainlendar old skin for GAIA08 suite Based on Imrik's graphics

punctuation by palette Thu, 18 Sep 2008

Description: A simple skin laden with various punctuation symbols.

AddressTwo Calendar by nrcjersey Wed, 10 Sep 2008

Description: This skin is provided to all users of http://www.addresstwo.com/ contact manager. It is a mod of Chromophore.

Widget addon for Shadow4 by -rainy- Sat, 23 Aug 2008

Description: This is an addon for the Shadow4 skin which comes with Rainlendar. It adds RSS feed, weather, TV and countdown windows to the skin. To install just drop the file (Shadow4 Widgets.r2skin-addon) over any Rainlendar window like installing a normal .r2skin. After a refresh you can choose the windows from the Rainlendar's advanced skin options. The addon requires Rainlendar 2.4.

Plainly Clear by Tweak_BL Sat, 16 Aug 2008

Description: I wanted a clear skin.This is the result.Thanks Rainy for Chromophore,which I used as the base for this skin.

Tangoish for Rainlendar by ninique Wed, 13 Aug 2008

Description: I couldn't find a rainlendar skin that could match my heavily tangoified desktop so I decided to create my own. It took me forever to finish it, partly because it was saved on my windows partition, which I don't use very often. But at last, it's finally ready for you to enjoy! Like my previous rainlendar skin, Ice Angel event and todolist categories are colour coded (so they are named red, green, blue, orange etc, instead of the default names) I find that this method of categorizing is less cluttered and easier to use. If you were previously using the default categories in another rainlendar skin, you'll need to recategorize your items for the colours to work. The coloured bar that contains weekday names is customizable. You can change the colour of it to match your desktop by going into the options for the calendar window. All icons used in this skin are from the Tango Project (http://tango.freedesktop.org)

Shadow4 Another Russian Version by serenitatis Fri, 25 Jul 2008

Description: More smoother and quality like default localization. Also has a new Today pointer. _________ Более качественная локализация, чем стандартная. Так же заменен громоздкий указатель сегодняшнего дня. В настройках программы, язык скина должен быть либо "По умолчанию" или английским.

Nano by Alex S Mon, 28 Apr 2008

Description: Features: • Extra lightweight and very simple • Semi-transparent background • Built-in Events and To do section • Buttons for month forward/back • Red accent color for overdue items Note: adjust font size if your skin view differs from screenshot.

Plainly Pastel by Tweak_BL Sat, 26 Apr 2008

Description: This Skin is another variation based on Chromophore.Inspired by my Plainy Simple. I had women in mind when I came up with these colors.The skin contains multiple colors.You can change from the skins settings or buy clicking the down arrow.Thanks Again Rainy! Note:For Rainlendar 2 only.

Horizontal Rainlendar Skin enecao version by enecao Fri, 18 Apr 2008

Description: - Probado en Rainlendar2 - Modelo Blanco - Modelo negro - Adaptado y personalizado de la version de "unicko" (eliminado los colores, correccion de tmaños y posiciones, "minimalizado" y optimizado, correccion de elementos, rediseño de imagenes, etc)

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The skin gallery is provided by Customize.org